Pure Sensia: The ultimate digital radio?

And you thought the Chumby One was a tricked-out clock radio? Here's its well-heeled competitor, the Pure Sensia. Billed as the "ultimate digital radio," the $349 bedside boombox has a 5.7" 640x480 capacitive touchscreen (that seemed a bit slow to respond to us, but it's not due on the market until this summer), theoretically better than Chumby's conductive touchscreen.

The Sensia's pumping 30 watts into its speakers, but we couldn't tell how good they sounded in the noisy room. One thing's for sure — it's beautifully designed, albeit too big for a clock radio compared to the Chumby. Its makers say a variety of apps will be available by its ship date, inclusing the usual suspects such as Twitter, facebook, and weather apps.

Since this product is still in its prototype stage, we're reluctant to judge it, but still, it looks like it has a long way to go before it catches up to the Chumby in the app department. But we like the notion that there are competitors for Chumby, endorsing its worth.