Polk HitMaster speaker puts the rock back into Rock Band

Playing Rock Band or Guitar Hero can be tons of fun, but the effect isn't very realistic if all you're hearing is the wimpy little speakers built into your TV. Polk's solution is the HitMaster, a powered speaker that looks kind of like a rock stage monitor, and puts a lot more moxie behind the sound of your Rock Band or Guitar Hero antics.

With an 80 watt amplifier driving a 6 1/2 inch woofer and twin stereo horn tweeters, the HitMaster is capable of generating 103 decibels. And while that's not exactly going to rival The Stones at Madison Square Garden, it's more than enough to annoy parents everywhere. Once you get tired of making your own fake music, the HitMaster has a socket for your iPod so you can listen to the real thing.

Expect the HitMaster to hit stores in about a month from now, price around $100.