Philips LivingColors v2 is even brighter, shows millions of colors

Philips has been dabbling in multicolored LED lighting for a while now, but now it's topped itself with a second generation. LivingColors v2 is 50% brighter than the original. Combining seven LEDs, it blasts 16 million colors, letting you infinitely adjust the hues with which your environment is lit.

On the fixture itself, you can still choose that transparent look of its predecessor, but v2 offers you an additional opaque version, concentrating all the light exactly where you point it. See both in the gallery below.

We like the way Philips experiments with lighting, and LivingColors take it to the next level. We're looking forward to the day when these chic fixtures retail for less than their price of between $230 and $350.

Via Gizmodo