Philips Activa MP3 player doubles as your personal trainer

Do you take your MP3 player with you when you go to work out? If you do, you probably have a mix you like to run to, or a certain song that gets you pumped. Well, Philips wants all of that to be automatic, and inspire you with vocal encouragement to boot.

Yep, Philip's upcoming Activa MP3 player will actually encourage you based on your performance, and change what song is playing to match your rhythm. The company's proprietary TempoMusics software, loaded on the Activa, analyzes a few different traits of songs in your library — such as the tempo — and will player slower songs when it looks like you're cooling down, or quicker ones to match your hard run. It'll even ask you to select an inspiring song (we're all picking Eye of the Tiger, right?) for those arms-in-the-air finishes.

No hard details on specs or the technology behind it, but the Activa launches in April for $130.

Activa, via Electronista