Panasonic pushes 3D hard: TVs, Blu-ray player and camcorder coming in 2010

Panasonic was all 3D, all the time at the company's press conference today, unveiling a trifecta of 3D equipment: a series of 3D plasma TVs, a 3D Blu-ray player, and the world's first twin-lens 3D HDTV camcorder. On top of that, the company announced a partnership with DirecTV to launch the first 3D HDTV channel this summer. Keep reading for all the details.

The surprise announcement was the twin-lens 3D camcorder. Shooting full HD (1080p), the cam is surprisingly compact and lightweight for what it does, containing everything needed for capturing 3D footage, including stereoscopic adjustment controls and a system for recording to SDHC cards. It'll be available in the fall, made to order, for about $21,000 — pretty cheap as full-HD 3D video cameras go.

Now the TVs: The Viera Plasma V Series will come in four screen sizes, from 50 to 65 inches. Besides being able to display 3D images in full 1080p, they'll have a contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1. Surprising addition: Skype, made possible by a camera atop the set and VieraCast, Panasonic's generally lame attempt at Internet TV. People might actually start using it with this, though — especially since the sets also have integrated Wi-Fi. Only one set of 3D glasses is included with each set. They're due in the spring; no prices yet.

Completing the 3D picture is the DMP-BDT350, a 3D Blu-ray player that boasts HDMI 1.4 connectivity, due presumably at the same time as the company's 3D TVs. No pricing on that either. Hey, Panasonic, we might be a little more excited about 3D if we had some idea what a home system is going to cost. Or are we excited at all? What say you?