One-of-a-kind video game necklaces for the elegant gamers out there

Creature-creator Holly of A Little Stranger has created three elegant throwbacks to Nintendo's lovable 16-bit era characters. She's get three hand-knitted cameo necklaces — and only one of each — featuring Kirby, a piranha plant and a purple Yoshi.

From Holly:

Each has been painstakingly hand stitched, mounted on an antique brass cameo mount and strung on a bright coloured bobble chain. I've then added a teeny pink bow for added cuteness. 6cm tall, comes gift wrapped ideal for gift giving — perfect for valentines

Each also costs $68. That may sound a little hefy, but you know what? A lot of work went into these and we're inclined to say that's more than fair for these one-of-a-kind items. Check 'em out in the gallery below.

Etsy, via A Little Stranger, via Plastic and Plush