One-click payment system on the way to Boxee

Boxee has great things on the way — some we can't tell you about yet — but here's one we can: video on demand in the form of the Boxee Payment Platform, bringing one-click payment for shows that will hopefully be worth your money.

Until now, Boxee has existed as a Mac, Linux and PC software interface that makes it a lot easier to use a computer in your home theater. Soon, they'll add a cool-looking Boxee box that eschews a computer altogether. Starting this summer, the Boxee Payment Platform will make it easy to buy all kinds of content, including TV shows and movies.

The best news? Boxee will only take a 30% cut, making the videos cost less than most other contentmongers. Sure, it's more expensive than free, but hopefully making up for that cost will be high quality files and timely delivery.

Via CrunchGear