Norwegian home theater in a box for audiophiles

Norway isn't the first country that pops into most people's heads when it comes to high performance audio and video gear, but if you dig a bit deeper, you'll find that there's a pretty long history of state of the art audio from the frozen north. Perhaps it has something to do with those long dark winter nights when everyone pretty much stays indoors.

Electrocompaniet has been around since the mid '70s, and their new Maestro system challenges the notion that home audio and video fanatics just want to stack up the maximum possible number of separate boxes. Combining a Blu-ray player, AM/FM/HD radio, Internet radio, and LAN audio video streamer plus a three channel amplifier in one stylish box, the Maestro should result in a lot of unneeded audio furniture. Why only three channels? The Maestro also includes a WiFi wireless transmitter that connects to a separate amp for the rear speakers, eliminating the biggest wiring headache in most rooms.

Expect the Maestro to ship this fall for around $7500.