Nevroz spirit level will give your toolbox another dimension

I know, I know. It doesn't look like the kind of thing any proud home improvement person would put in their toolbox, but this spirit level is the dog's spherical things. If Chanel did those odd garments that are part skirt, part belt that you stick your dowels, trowels, tape measures etc into, then the Nevroz would probably have its own specially-designed compartment.

The more macho amongst you, who probably feel that Stanley ain't manly enough for you (that yellow trim is just too much, eh?) will, I'm sure, be running for the hills at the mere sight of this Yann Lestrat-designed object for Belgian company Tamawa. The bakelite ball is on show at this week's Maison & Objet fair, in Paris. Tsk. Fairies.

Via Dezeen