Nagging plate scale calls you a pig when you eat too fast

Just what we need: a talking scale that nags us when we wolf down dinner. Gee thanks, technology. It's called a Mandometer, probably because rapidly devouring mass quantities of grub is a province reserved mostly for us piggish males. Womandometer? That would measure something else entirely.

This annoying gizmo weighs the food on your plate, and times you, verbally admonishing you when the eats disappear too quickly. A study of 106 fat kids claimed the Mandometer reduced the Body Mass Index (BMI) of test subjects by 2.1% over 18 months. The device is designed to be part of a personalized clinical method of teaching you what and how to eat, if you haven't already learned that already.

Sure, research has shown that eating fast contributes to obesity, but who decides what is too fast? When I eat faster than you? Now excuse me for 30 seconds while I scarf down this 7-course gourmet meal from my home state of NC: a six pack of beer and a road-killed 'possum.

Mandometer, via My Digital Life