Motorola Motoroi officially makes the Droid old news

Coming to the U.S. this spring, the Motoroi is Motorola's latest Android phone du jour. But like its recent predecessors Droid and BackFlip, it has notable features beyond the normal Android 2.0 feature set, namely an 8-megapixel camera (with flash) that can record 720p HD video along with the ability to play it on an external display via HDMI. Those sharp vids should still look decent on the 800 x 480-pixel, 3.7-inch touchscreen, too. Storage is 8GB internal, supporting up to 32GB on a card.

The phone was just launched in Korea, where an executive let it slip that the phone would be released to the U.S. "around" March. We're happy to have any cool phone come to our shores (they often keep their distance), though we're a little concerned that Motorola is falling into its old habit of brand spam. We already love the Droid — you guys sure you want to already start hinting it's obsolete?

See below for a run-through of the phone's camcorder abilities, in beautiful Korean.

Korea Herald, via Engadget