Mint cleaner is like the love child of a Roomba and a Swiffer

Cleaning is a task many of us would rather avoid, but it becomes much easier if robotics can take over most of the action. The Roomba relieved us from the chore of vacuuming the living room, but like most vacuums, it's not so good at dealing with hardwood or tiled floors. A Swiffer usually works better on those surfaces, so I was happy to see that Roomba style robotics have been combined with the Swiffer's dusting cloths to create the Mint.

Compatible with all standard wet and dry Swiffer style refills, the Mint will pass over your floor, guided by a stationary guidance module that makes sure it hits every bare spot. The rechargeable battery is good for 3 hours, which should be plenty to handle the aftermath of even the wildest parties.

The Mint will be available this fall for around $250.

Mint Cleaner