Logitech Lapdesk N700 rescues your privates from hot laptop batteries

Today's laptops are faster than ever, but that processing power comes at a price: excess heat. That heat isn't just inconvenient — it can be downright dangerous. To protect your, uh, lap, Logitech today unveils its Speaker Lapdesk N700 laptop stand. USB powered, it contains a fan and stereo speakers, all easily controlled by the simple buttons on the side.

I've been using the N700 for a couple of weeks and I'm pretty impressed. It's a good reaction to how people actually use laptops these days — sitting on the couch to chat while watching Gossip Girl, lying back on your bed, or just generally lounging around. Beyond just providing a heat barrier and comfortable padding, the Lapdesk raises your screen a few inches so you don't have to crane your neck so much. The fan is super-silent; I could barely tell it was on while plugged in, and the speakers were noticeably more robust than the built-in ones on my MacBook Pro.

My only complaint about the Lapdesk would be its power drain; on a couple of occasions, I left my laptop sitting on my couch for a while only to return to find a dead laptop. If you remember to close your lid when you walk away, though (or just are more vigilant than I am about your energy-saver settings), you shouldn't have problems. At $80, the N700 is a bit steep than other laptop stands, but for the YouTube-addicted roamer, it's a solid buy.

Via Logitech