Living With Robots paints 'bots as the good guys

Robots have something of a bad rap, what with the The Matrix and Terminator making them out to be murdering, enslaving overlords. Not so, says Joe Berlinger, director of Metallica's Some Kind of Monster. His film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, with a bunch of scientists, philosophers and engineers weighing in on the future the film feels we're headed toward: one flush with helpful robots.

The film's stars are surgical robots and Honda's ASIMO (with a few cameo appearances from some robo-friends of DVICE), with plenty of the staff working on the ASIMO chiming in. Research on the 'bot significantly boosted Honda's other R&D efforts — such as improving the brakes on the company cars — and was even helps us all learn more about ourselves. Masato Hirose, the executive chief engineer working on the ASIMO, likened its development to a child's: "When the robot took its first step, it was the most memorable moment."

Check out an 8-minute trailer for Living With Robots below, courtesy of Engadget. (Which, unfortunately, turns into something of a commercial for Honda about halfway through, but to be fair the company does have one of the coolest bipedal 'bots around, so we'll cut 'em some slack.)

Via Engadget