LG intros HDTVs with wireless HDMI option

LG just announced it'll start selling 26 different models of LED LCD, standard LCD and plasma HDTVs between 32 and 60 inches with built-in WHDI (Wireless Home Digital Interface) capability, the largest commitment to HDMI-less connectivity to your HD A/V gear to date. But you'll still have to buy an approximately $400 wireless connection kit, which includes a wireless dongle for the HDTV, and a transceiver box, to take advantage of the built-in WHDI.

WHDI is different from WiHD, which is used in a small number of HDTV models from Sony, Panasonic and even LG; last Monday, Vizio announced its new LCD HDTV lineup would include WiHD-equipped models. WiHD is a "single room" system, using the recently unlicensed 60 GHz band to transmit its signal up to around 30 feet.

By comparison, WHDI operates in the 5 GHz band, has a range of around 100 feet and can transmit the wireless HDMI signals through walls. WDHI can support multiple devices - if the standard is carried out to its logical conclusion, you'll be able to wirelessly connect any WHDI-equipped device, which could include PCs, digital cameras or camcorders, phones, etc., to any HDTV in your home.

Unfortunately, both WiHD and WHDI mimic the HDMI v1.3 specification, which means neither can currently handle 3D. It is unlikely any 3D-capable wireless HDMI solutions will be available before the end of this year. But at least you can get rid of that dangling cable.