LG shows off newspaper-sized flexible e-ink display

Whoa, LG, why didn't you show us this flexible e-ink display at CES? For whatever reason, the Korean company decided to break the news now of this 19-inch-wide display, about the size of a regular newspaper page. At a thin 0.3mm, it's slightly thicker than a piece of paper (about 0.06mm), and its 4.5-ounce weight will feel a lot heftier than a newspaper.

LG accomplishes this trick by mounting the e-ink screen on metal foil instead of the usual glass or plastic we've seen in other e-ink displays. It's similar to the thicker Skiff display we saw at CES, which has a slightly flexible display mounted in a non-flexible reader. LG's big 19-inch prototype is obviously designed to capture our attention, but LG plans to actually mass produce smaller 11.5-inch flexible-ink displays by the end of June.

Too bad this breakthrough didn't happen a year earlier, because even though the current crop of computer tablets aren't flexible yet, they'll probably elbow e-paper technology aside. That is, until the e-ink is bright and colorful — but we'll have to wait a few more years for that Minority Report future to arrive.

Via Digitimes