Lady Gaga hawks her earphones at CES 2010

So what could pop singer and oddball clotheshorse Lady Gaga do that could possibly have anything to do with tech? Well, she made an appearance at CES 2010 today, showing off her $120 in-ear Heartbeats headphones while creating a mob scene in front of the Monster booth. She didn't sing any songs, but sung the praises of her dainty 'phones, certain to make her big-spending bosses at Monster happy.

In defense of Dr. Dre's "Beats" headphones from Monster, we've tried them and think their sound is among the best we've ever heard. What Lady Gaga and her signature insane clothing (including this spiky hat) has to do with headphones, well, celebrity will tie one up with all sorts of strange bedfellows.

Via Lady Gaga Heartbeats