Joystick-controlled maze rewards you with delicious candy

The Office M&M Dispenser Maze by Project 240 is a "dispenser that was somewhat more entertaining than reaching into a jar, but also reduces the large M&M flux caused by greedy handfuls." I guess someone just doesn't like sharing?

Instead of simply eating candy out of a packet, you've got to navigate your sweet treat through a tilting maze you control with a joystick, rewarding you for your hand-eye coordination. After that, you can "reset" the maze, which will drop another M&M out of a dispenser, and it starts all over again.

The maze itself is static, so once you figure out all the right moves you'd be gobbling down chocolate in no time, but it's still a pretty fun idea — and one that you can check out for yourself in the video above.

Project 240, via Gizmodo