Jawbone Icon gives Bluetooth a sexy voice

Aliph's Jawbone grabbed the attention of gadget blogs a few years back as one of the first Bluetooth earpieces to use bone-conduction technology to filter out noise. Since then they've come out with incremental upgrades to the original design, but nothing that noteworthy. The latest Jawbone, however, called the Icon, stands out as more than a mere update by adding software called MyTalk.

MyTalk lets you do some pretty cool stuff: First up, if you're pairing it with an iPhone, you'll see a visual battery meter for the Jawbone right next to your phone's. We likey. Second, you can choose between six different voice "personalities" — with names like "The Ace," "The Thinker" and "The Bombshell" — for spoken alerts. The mere existence of spoken alerts is pretty neat, so why not? Finally, you get apps for speed-dialing some numbers (like directory assistance or the dictation app Jott) right from the earpiece… nice to have, though we suspect few will use them.

Aliph, you had us at the "iPhone battery meter." We'll gladly declare the Icon our favorite Bluetooth earpiece of 2010 so far, even at the $100 asking price. Browse the gallery for pics of the six different designs, with names that happen to match up with the voices.

Jawbone and CNet, via Uncrate