Indoor Personal Mobility Robot rides like a Segway

The Indoor Personal Mobility Robot isn't the first robotic wheelchair we've seen, but it's decidedly the most Japanese-looking. Just look at those cutesy eyes!

Developed by the University of Tokyo as a prototype for what could later be the real deal, the Indoor Personal Mobility Robot should be familiar to anyone who's spent some time on a Segway, though here you're sitting down. The seat of the wheelchair has sensors in it so that it knows when someone is occupying it, and, once you're on the round cushion, your movements — leaning forward, back and turning side-to-side — will signal to the chair where you want to go.

Really, though, the main draw of the chair would be its looks, as it's though that it would be a great aid to the elderly and anyone who'd need to get around the house. (Well, a house with no stairs.) Could its bug-like antennae eyes win over our seniors? Who knows!

Check out a video of the chair in action below:

DigInfoNews, via CrunchGear