HYmini portable charger makes excellent use of natural resources

Anyone who's ever ridden a bike knows that unless you're on a stationary bike, you are constantly battling aerodynamics. Every foot of forward motion is fighting the air resistance. Why not take advantage of that movement of air to generate power for all your portable electronic devices?

The HYmini looks like a little fan, but it's a wind-powered generator. On a windy day, just set the fan up in the breeze, or strap it on your arm or bike and really generate some juice. It has an internal battery to hold 1200mAh and is designed to charge 5v devices such as an cell phone, MP3 player or portable GPS device.

Caught in the doldrums? The HYmini also has a solar panel, or you can connect any variety of power options, including a hand crank or bicycle dynamo hub. The nice part of this system is an LED indicator that lets you know the system is being charged, however you choose to power it.