HP's Wall of Touch watches you, too

We've seen the future, and it involves a gigantic wall that reacts to your touch. HP's "Wall of Touch" can do even better than that, sensing your intent even when your hands come close to touching it. Cameras and a magnetic strip detect where your hands are, activating the items on the screen accordingly.

The big computer company's slowly rolling out this gigantic grid of screens driven by its Z800 workstation, first installing it in the Continental Airlines terminal at the Houston airport. If there are enough takers, HP might decide to make this a mainstream product by next year, pricing it between $2,000 and $100,000 depending on capabilities, and using it for HD video conferencing and more.

In this case, "and more" probably means advertising, just like in Minority Report. Imagine giant screens reacting to a transmitting chip you carry around, showing you ads the system knows you'll be interested in. And what about those cameras? Sure, they're used determine where/when you're touching the screen, but then they'll also be watching you, won't they? Maybe 2011 will be like Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Here's a video:

Via Engadget