How does 1 trillion colors sound? Sharp QuadPixel TVs can do it

The highlight of Sharp's CES announcements was the introduction of QuadPixel technology to the company's Aquos LCD panels. What the hell is QuadPixel? Basically it adds a "Y" (for yellow) pixel to the RGB pixels in every picture element. The result: superior color, with the capability of displaying over 1 trillion colors, according to Sharp. Regular LCDs can render "merely" a billion colors.

Sharp says QuadPixel TVs will ship in May this year. The LE 920 Series will be available in screen sizes measuring 52 ($3,300), 60 ($4,099) and 68 inches ($6,499).

A color expansion of three orders of magnitude is impressive, at least on paper. The sets on display at Sharp's event looked great, with unprecedented deep color, though it's not like that translates into a 1,000x better picture. More color is nice, but not quite a must-have. When's 3D coming, Sharp? The company says the end of this year… maybe.