HoverCam scans your documents from on high

Scanning receipts and business cards is a great way to stay organized, but using a flatbed scanner to do it can be a pain. In addition to taking up plenty of your precious desk space, with a flatbed you need to lift the cover and arrange the little bits of paper neatly before you can scan them.

The HoverCam X300 eliminates these problems, by using something more akin to a camera to scan your stuff from above. You simply stick your paperwork under the HoverCam, and it will automatically rotate the scan so it's square, and crop the image at the edges. You can even stream its video output to a pico projector, turning the HoverCam into a mini digital overhead projector.

At 1,600 x 1,200 pixels, you're not going to want to use this to scan your precious photo collection, but that would be missing the point. This is all about having something readily available to help keep your paperwork organized, while not taking up much desk space.

The HoverCam X300 is available now for about $140.

TheHoverCam.com, via Unplggd