"Hello World." Bill Gates opens up his Twitter account

Bill Gates, master and commander of anything blue with a screen of death, has joined the Twitterati. He opened his account yesterday with the words, "Hello world. Hard at work on my foundation letter - publishing on 1/25." (Hello world is what most software engineers say once they've learnt a new lingo.)

It didn't take long for his fellow Twits to do the Internet equivalent of what a crowd does to a famous person — ie, waving frantically, shrieking, "Coo-ee, Bill. Over here! Marian! Marian from Milwaukee! You remember me, I bought Microsoft Office last month from an OfficeCrud salesperson in Tampa. Bill?" As a result, he now has 165,000-plus people following him, and just 40 people he wants to hear from. Including, rather inexplicably, Ashley Tisdale*.

Twitter Via BBC News

*I had to google her to discover just who she is. Fascinating.