First TransferJet card is an 8GB Sony Memory Stick. Oh, great...

When we saw TransferJet — a very-short-range wireless tech that enables simple and quick transfers of media — in action in Japan last fall, we asked when we could get it. The answer: February 8, 2010 (or thereabouts), the date Sony intends to start selling an 8GB Memory Stick with TransferJet built in. The $100 card joins Sony's recently announced cameras as the first products to include TransferJet.

We're excited for the potential of this technology (even though we still love our Eye-Fi cards), though the irony of its first implementation coming in Memory Stick format — which Sony has just publicly dissed — isn't lost on us. TransferJet is going to need a lot more support than a few cameras and one barely compatible card to get traction. We're confident it will, though, mainly 'cause we really hate USB cables.

Sony Style, via Engadget