Dyson's smallest vac could win a vacuum beauty contest

Isn't this the prettiest little vacuum cleaner you've ever seen? We can't vouch for the actual practicality or power of the Dyson City DC26, but if looks equaled suckitude, this minuscule robot/snail-like contraption would be at the top of our vac-list.

It's Dyson's smallest vac ever. Dyson claims that even though this 7.7lb sucker is a third smaller than its predecessor, it picks up dirt and debris with equal power. Looks like a perfect size for those poor unfortunates who've decided to dwell in some cramped, overpriced city.

In the works for five years for some reason, the DC26 follows the traditional Dyson price conceit, rifling you for $400. But high style never came cheap, now did it? Available now in Japan and soon in the U.K., it'll probably eventually find its way to the U.S., sucking in all those with more money than brains.

Via Gizmodo