DVICE turns 4!

Hard to believe, but the site you're reading first went live exactly four years ago today. It's funny to read our first-ever post and remember when things like Blu-ray and HD DVD were still on the horizon. And DualDiscs? What the hell were those? Since we went live back in 2006 (when the site was simply called SCI FI Tech), we've been lucky enough to witness two major game consoles launch, the dawn of e-readers, no less than three iPhone releases, and a boatload of ridiculous USB trinkets.

Which brings us to today. We're excited to keep bringing you the best and most relevant tech news — aptly on the eve of another big unveiling from Apple. Keep your browsers close to DVICE in the coming days for some features and more about the new… uh, device, along with chances to win stuff.

Thanks to everyone reading for helping make DVICE what it is today. To another four years!