Dreamer brings app stores to Blu-ray players

One of the most promising ideas we saw today at CES was from Dreamer, which makes software that turns any Blu-ray player into an iPhone. Well, not an iPhone actually, but a device with an app store similar to the iPhone's. The software comes bundled with Oppo Blu-ray players, and other models can get it as a software upgrade on disc.

The idea is to use the network connection on a Blu-ray player to turn it into something more like a cable or satellite box, with games, retailers (like Amazon) and content providers all a few button presses away. While Blu-ray makers are already doing the networking thing by adding services like YouTube an Netflix, it's been pretty ad hoc so far, and Dreamer has the potential to bring specific "apps" to every Blu-ray player worldwide. Nice idea, if they get more manufacturers to play. And that's a pretty big if.