Desktop V-Twin Engine, gone in 600 seconds

Attention motorheads: take back all the socks and ties you got for Christmas and plunk your moolaa down for this Desktop V Twin engine. Sure, you're going to have to return a lot of gift detritus for this $1000 butane-fueled power plant, but get this: It really works.

Its two aluminum 1.5 mL cylinders start their internal combustion when you turn its brass flywheel, and then this little engine will spin at 1500 RPM for 10 minutes on a full tank of butane. It's said to be "optimally balanced for minimum vibration and smooth operation," but we're wondering how loud this thing is.

Never mind that racket — just think how freaked out everyone will be when they see this little two-banger chugging away, right there on your desktop.

Via Hammacher Schlemmer