Davis shows cheaper but prettier solar home weather station

Davis makes the best home weather station, the Vantage Pro2, but there's a catch, The thing costs $600, taking it out of the "just-for-fun" category. Now, Davis rolls out its Vantage Vue Wireless Weather Station, a cheaper version of its flagship, giving you basically the same capabilities for $200 less.

The solar-powered wireless instrumentation collects wind speed and direction data, temperature and humidity, and rainfall amounts in its newly designed enclosure, wirelessly transmitting data back to the home base unit. From there's you can send the data to your own personal weather site. The kit includes base and instrumentation, retails for $395.

About the only difference between this one and the more-expensive Vantage Pro2 is the lack of sophisticated moisture sensors for farmers. We're weather geeks, running our own personal weather station for years, so take our word for it: This looks like a great value and an admirable innovation by the quality leader in the weather station arena. Apparently someone agrees, because the station was deemed worthy of a CES 2010 Innovations Award.

Via Vantage Vue