Crystal-encased clock runs forever, it's full of stars

We've been looking for our own perpetual motion machine, and this could be it: the Jaeager-LeCoultre Atmos 566 clock by Marc Newson. We've told you about Atmos clocks, powered by minuscule changes in temperature, seemingly running forever on virtually nothing. This limited version of the Atmos 566 takes the magical Atmos concept to a whole new level.

Encased in either clear or blue Baccarat crystal, it indicates the hours, minutes, month, and then shows you a sky chart in the middle, indicating astrological signs and which stars you'll see that night in the Northern Hemisphere. From the clock's creator, Australian aircraft designer Marc Newson:

"I have always been fascinated by the concept of the timepiece as a miniature universe. The Atmos 566 is particularly intriguing because of its own unique internal night sky. It's a wonderfully mysterious object that ironically seems very timeless."

There will only be 48 of the clear models built, and just 28 with the blue crystal case. If you have to ask much they cost, well, don't. But to give you an idea, here's one that costs $70,600, and the cheapest and most basic Atmos will set you back at least $2600.

Jaeager-LeCoultre, via Oh Gizmo