Clock your kid's fastball with Pocket Radar

Attention Little League dads (and moms): track your prodigy's pitching prowess with your own radar gun, the Pocket Radar. It's about the size of a Flip camcorder. Just sit behind the plate (when the weather gets warmer, of course), point and press the big red button when young Cy Young starts to throw, and in a second you get a speed reading.

Pocket Radar can actually track the speed of anything that moves and is accurate to +/- one mile per hour. You can track a baseball throw from 120 feet away, a car from a half mile. It runs on just two AAA batteries, good for 10,000 readings.

It'll be available in March or April, hopefully in time for the start of the baseball season, for $250. If you go to the company's Web site (, you can pre-order and get a $50 discount.