Samsung hitting hard in 3D

Samsung's hitting the new decade with a new corporate moto: Inspire the world, create the future. By putting so much emphasis on 3D, they're doing just that. Samsung believes in a complete 3D Home Ecosystem, with a completely integrated 3D Blu-ray player, TV with built-in 3D processor, shutter glasses, and a complete home-theater sound system, creating an "immersive" experience. They announced the widest range of 3D TVs in the full array of technologies — LED, LCD and even plasma. Take your pick. Almost all their new sets will be capable of 3D.

They also wowed the crowd with the new 9000 series 3D LED display that's about as thin as a pencil. Coolest part is as the user approaches the TV, the operating panel is revealed. Quite sexy. Are you inspired?

Samsung is just as excited about 3D movies as they are about their very own 3D TV lineup. Forming a global alliance with Dreamworks and Technicolor, the new 3D Blu-ray player is ready for the first 3D Blu-ray disc presented to Samsung, "Monsters vs. Aliens." Looks like 3D on Blu-ray is here at last.