Casio goes hybrid with their Green Slim video projector line

Video projectors that can throw up a big bright picture a great for gaming and home theater, but most of them eat their way through an expensive bulb every 1500 hours or so, while consuming more electricity than Grandma's space heater.

Casio looks to change that by introducing their Slim Green line of business presentation projectors. Ripping one from Toyota's Prius playbook, these projectors toss the energy hogging high pressure mercury bulb used in most projectors, replacing it with a hybrid light engine that uses a laser, an LED, and a florescent tube. We've seen those little pico projectors that use just an LED, but they can't deliver enough green output to give you a really bright picture. By combining a laser and a florescent tube to make green, Casio says the Green Slim can deliver around 3000 lumens, which should be enough to fill a big screen in a well lit room. The light engine is also expected to last 20,000 hours, so no more annual $250 bulb purchases.

Casio has 10 models in the pipeline, but all of them are aimed at the business user. How about a few models with resolutions suitable for us home theater guys Casio? I've gone through three bulbs for my Samsung projector while watching my power meter spin wildly.

No word yet on pricing or delivery date.