Brace yourselves, baby boomers, it's the retro TV

Wow. Just when we thought tech couldn't get any more futuristic, along comes a Korean megacorp to blow that idea out of our brains. LG, the brains behind skinny TVs and the like, has designed a retro-style telly (never has that word been more rightfully used, say I.) The Serie 1 comes in a rather nifty burnt orange color — very Le Creuset — and brown — *cough* Zune alert *cough* — but cleverly mixes the old with the new.

The 14-inch screen TV is actually a 4:3 aspect cathode ray tube, but also rocks a modern digital tuner, composite video for gaming, and a wireless remote. It comes with rabbit-ear antennae, chrome legs that screw on and off, but the best thing about it is that you can choose between three picture modes: full color; black and white; and sepia.

The good news is that the Serie 1 costs just $214. The bad news is that it's only available in Korea.

EarlyShop Via technabob