Bose finds something to do with its suspension system: truck seats

A few years back Bose — a company that makes pricey audio products — unveiled a car suspension system. It was pretty unexpected, and not a lot has come of it since… until now. Today the company reveals its Ride System, a fancy car seat for truckers that uses elements of its suspension technology. When installed in a vehicle, the system gives the driver a smoother ride by counteracting road vibration.

Resembling the captain's chair from the bridge of the Enterprise, the Ride System has at its core a "high-power linear electromagnetic actuator" (wow, speaking of Star Trek). Together with sensors and a regenerative amplifier, the actuator reacts quickly to road disturbances, minimizing the shake on the driver. It all sounds great, as long as the ride doesn't get so smooth that it inspires an unscheduled siesta.

The Ride will be available to truck fleets in March. No word on pricing, or if Bose ever plans to bring the tech to your Lexus.

Via Bose