BlueBuds Bluetooth earbuds for wireless music on the go

Sure, it's great to have your entire music library on your iPhone. But, it really sucks to have to wire it to earphones to listen to your favorite tunes, especially when you're working out. BlueBuds by JayBird give you a wireless Bluetooth connection for any Bluetooth-enabled device.

The one-inch stereo buds have a built-in microphone so you can easily switch when you need to take a call. Playtime is 4 hours for music or talk. For folks who need something more substantial, there are also a pair of Bluetooth headphones with a sturdier headband. Price for the BlueBuds is expected to be $130 when it ships this April.

So, jog away without the hassle of headphone cables getting in your way, or worse, getting sweaty and nasty, but just in case, JayBird offers a lifetime warranty against sweat. This is a company that believes in athletes. Or anyone else who sweats.