Bible comes to life with Glo

Glo is nothing like the old testament of the print variety. It's a digital version of the bible with stunning high-definition imagery of biblical sights. A virtual representation of Jerusalem's Church of the Holy Sepulcher shows panoramic photos of the inside down to the frescos in detail.

Unlike wading through pages of scripture, Glo is organized both by order of the big book or by geography through a topographical map. Fly overhead in a manner similar to Live Earth and zero in on biblical locations to see HD video and documentaries, 360 degree photo representations, and photos of works of art.

At its core, Glo from Immersion Digital is a bible in traditional form; an atlas with biblical events as points of interest; a timeline of each event of significance; a topical resource for sparking discussion; and a rich media experience. I hope to learn history in a way my parents and Sunday school never taught me.