ASUS debuts a slew of flexible OLED concepts

The name is a little blah, but the results are pretty darn cool: ASUS's new "Waveface" line of OLED products are designed to redefine the way we think about the shape of a gadget. Take the Waveface Light for example, which lies flat (pictured above) like a small version of Microsoft's Surface, and bends in the middle to form a more traditional laptop. You can even hang it up on a wall.

There's also the Waveface Casa, which is a large TV that also acts as the home computer, and the Waveface Ultra, a small, flexible handset that could be wrapped around the user's wrist. ASUS acknowledges that the technology behind the flexible OLEDs make them too expensive for prime time, but it's an interesting glimpse into ASUS's thinking for the future.

Via Electronista