Airline's 'cuddle seats' bring beds to coach

Come this fall, passengers on one of Air New Zealand's Boeing 777-300ER aircraft may have a surprise waiting for them in coach: beds. Well, not like the kind of bed you have in your room, but the "skycouches" have heavy-duty footrests that can be locked alongside the seats and extend how much space you have to work with.

There's only one big problem here: three seats fold down into one bed. If your plane is full and you don't know who you're sitting with, there's a good chance that bed won't come into play. Also, for all the single ladies and fellas, it may become standard practice for couples to ask you to sit elsewhere so they can bed down.

To help avoid all that, Air New Zealand says a pair of travelers can purchase the third seat in their row for half price — though you may just want to spring for First Class at that point. That, and only the first 11 rows of coach will have the skycouches, which really makes it sound like its own class altogether.

So, obnoxious, or an awesome idea?

Via Wired