Wingsuit soldiers: Yes, man really can fly

Military types must be as fascinated with Jetman as we are. But Jetman's jet-powered wingsuit is still ahead of SPELCO (Special Parachute and Logistics Consortium), because this Gryphon Next Generation Parachute System has no engines — it's a glider, but that doesn't make it any less thrilling.

The company says its stealth-optimized getup has a glide ratio of 5:1, meaning that a 30,000 foot jump will let its pilot accurately steer himself to any point within 30 miles. It's said the average speed of such a flight would be about 60 miles an hour, but we're thinking you could go a lot faster than that by pointing this wingsuit straight down.

At first, the wings will be parachute-assisted, lowering the pilot gently to the ground at the end of the thrill-a-minute flight. Eventually, the company plans to develop a version that can be landed without the help of a parachute. Looks like even more fun than a jet pack. Take a look at another pic of this daredevil pilot, just after launch from an aircraft:

Via Danger Room