Video: Butterfly born in space flaps its wings in zero G

That little guy you see up above is a butterfly in a case. Sure, sure, nothing too special about that, right? Well, guess again — that butterfly is on the International Space Station. In space. The experiment is being run by BioServe Space Technologies and the University of Colorado, and students have been following the Painted Lady butterfly's progress from its more boring time as a chrysalis to its birth on the ISS.

From Discovery News:

For the first time in history, two butterflies have survived the chrysalis stage of development and spread their wings as fully grown Painted Lady butterflies in microgravity…

It will be interesting to see how the butterflies respond to the microgravity conditions and how their growth might be affected. Butterflies attempting to fly in microgravity will also be a very interesting thing to see.

Discovery News, via io9