Tiger Woods' blushes not spared by Taiwanese TV news

Oh, Tiger! After last weekend's car crash, when uber-golfer Tiger Woods hit a hydrant as he drove away from the family home in Florida, there's been a whole host of rumors and speculation as to what really went on, and why wife Elin really shattered the car's back windscreen with a golf club. So far, so private life, say I.

While Western news channels have been full of the usual archive footage of: Tiger's house; Tiger and wife; Tiger holding golf trophies aloft; TIger excavating his nose for gold-plated boogers, the hi-tech nations of the Far East have gone one further. Taiwanese channel Apple Action News has cranked the silly-o-meter up to eleven with an animated graphics reconstruction of what happened between Mr Golf and his Missus — and sweet Jesus and all the baby angels, it's tacky.

So the first question I pose you here is this: are we going to be seeing this kind of stuff on the U.S. news channels in an attempt to boost ratings? Given that broadcasters such as CNN love to amalgamate the weird with the newsy, my guess is it won't be long before we see reconstructions of the latest Brangelina tiff and the like.

My final question is this. Did Apple Action News surpass the boundaries of taste, or do you think that, given Tiger's "transgression", he's fair game? For those of you who are inordinately fascinated by the affair, the New Yorker blog has a translation: see the link below.

The New Yorker Via Times Online