Super-slim PC mounts behind TV, points the way for all HTPCs

In our quest to convince you that set-top boxes are useless, this is the kind of PC we have in mind. Mount this Piixl EdgeCenter 3770 Media PC behind your flat panel display, and you won't even know there's a PC involved.

Just 30mm deep, you can tack this onto the back of any screen between 37 and 70 inches. Its slim form factor belies its power, loaded with a Core i7 processor, four TV tuners, and super-fast graphics, pushing it well into 1080p playback territory. It's not the ultimate flat PC, but it's fast enough for any home theater task you'd choose to throw at it.

Beautiful as it is, don't get sucked into buying this overpriced $4043 PC — but admire its form factor, knowing that within a year or two you'll be able to get the same thing for a 10th the price.

This is the PC of the future: invisible, and able to bring you an Internet full of unfettered content. It's a world where you (and not some hardware box manufacturer) decide whether you can watch Hulu or not.

Via Engadget