Stag's head-stool combo is on/off the wall

At this time of year, one's thoughts turn to Rudolf, Dancer, Prancer, Kurt, Donald, Dick (or whatever they're called) and all the other reindeers that do Santa's business. Jeroen Wesselink's horned beast, sadly didn't make it to Loading Bay Z3 of the Lapland Logistics Center, because he's too good to pull a sleigh, and instead is making it as a multi-talented, occasional-stool, occasional artwork thingy.

Stick it on the wall and there's your Monarch of the Stud Partition. Unhook it and you've got somewhere to hang your coat as well as somewhere to park your ass. Admit it, Wesselink's idea is absolutely brilliant (although, when it comes to animals as art, I'm with Polly Morgan) and totally acceptable to the squeamish. I mean, it could have been so much worse — as the old deer could have ended up like this. Check the gallery below for more shots.

Via Dezeen