Spoon-Chopsticks hybrid not as sexy as BSG's Number Six

Our very own Adam Frucci is a master at discovering weird eating implements. While I'm sure none of you have forgotten Spock's spork, when it comes to the trongs, allow me to refresh your memories. Well, Frooch, suck on this. A spoon-chopstick combo that can only lead to what I, and perhaps Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson, might refer to as a gastronomic malfunction.

Designed by Aissa Logerot, the Spoopstick (yes, I named it myself) consists of a small bowl-like receptacle with two holes in the end. You can use the bowl alone for your soya-wasabi combo, or as a spoon for your Miso soup when you insert the chopsticks into the holes. And there's even a little toothpick add-on which permits the (discreet) post-prandial picking of fangs. Discreet, I said.

Via Yanko