Spooky light in Norwegian sky has more earthly explanation

Yesterday, my former colleague, blogger par excellence, Jesus Diaz, wrote a wonderful story about a strange spiral light that appeared in the night skies above Norway early yesterday morning. An alien firework display! The Scientology head honcho Xenu pulling the plug out of his immense scientology bathtub!! Xanadu nightclub, Tronso, opens its doors for the first time!!! Space's answer to the LHC!!!! Sorry, it was me, I farted!!!!!

Well, pups, you're all wrong (well, those suggestions were all mine, so: My bad; Soz mum; etc etc.) The current explanation is actually something that is completely man-made — although I draw the line at using the word prosaic: because the thing that caused these otherworldly effects so isn't prosaic. The video below should clear the mystery up for you.

Similar effects can, apparently be caused by nothing more everyday (for space people, that is) than fuel escaping from a leaky piece of space junk. This causes the object to spin — rather like what garden hoses do when you let go of them at full spurt — and the fuel lights up the sky.

However, I'm not sure whether you can call a missile "space junk." The current train of thought behind Tuesday night/Wednesday morning's gorgeousness is that it was caused "by a Chinese Long March 2D vehicle launched earlier on the same day, from China, on a polar orbit."

UPDATE: It's not Chinese, apparently, but rather a failed missile launch from a Russian sub.

Via Gizmodo And Gizmodo