Slim speakers improve the sucky sound of flat screen TVs

If Santa left a fancy new flat screen TV under your tree, by now you've probably figured out that most new TVs have pretty sucky sound quality compared to their awesome picture. In an effort to become increasingly sleek and slim, new TVs have speakers that I would consider too low-fi for a clock radio, never mind trying to fill the living room with explosions and gunfire from a big blockbuster movie. If you want big sound to match the big picture, you really need some kind of external audio system, but filling your room with speakers probably won't fly in most homes.

The Q-TV2 from Q Acoustics looks like it could be a good solution. Two tall but slim speakers that peek out from behind the sides of the TV generate a stereo sound stage, but the secret is in the wall hugging subwoofer that hides in the gap between the set and the wall to deliver deep bass.

Adjustable to fit flat screen TVs of between 30 and 42 inches, the Q-TV2 can be used with TVs that are mounted using a wall bracket, or those just sitting on the regular table top stand. The only catch is that the Q-TV2 is currently only available in Europe. Price, about $500.

Q Acoustics, via Red Ferret Journal