Ski goggle technology leaps forward with a head-up display

Using traditional tech gadgets can be a royal pain when you're all bundled up in a big parka and gloves for the slopes. Just getting to your watch under all that clothing is tough, never mind trying to read the trail map or answering a cell phone call from your other ski buddies.

Getting this type of information on the slopes will become much easier, once these new goggles from Recon Instruments hit the stores next year. The built in head-up display can show you a trail map including the positions of your ski mates, performance information such as your speed and jump height, and local information including the altitude and temperature. There's even a way to use the GPS function to guide rescuers if you happen to wipe out and need help.

Recon says that a couple of models will be available next year, although as you might expect such technology won't be cheap with prices starting around $350.

Recon Instruments, via Born Rich